Seira Amatsuka
Chara seira
Age Around 13
Gender Female
Voice Actor/Actress

Sumire Morohoshi

Seira Amatsuka (天使 聖羅?) is the youngest daughter of the Amatsuka family and is the main character of the side story GJ-bu Chūtō-bu. She also made secondary appearances on the original GJ-bu light novel and anime.



In the Anime Seira has long straight black hair with a mask on the right side of her head, she is usually seen wearing her school uniform.


Seira has a kind personality like her sister Megumi, but at some times she can be ruthless. For example, Seira stipulated that Mori would be fired if she lost a to Kyōya's hair brushing technique. While outwardly kind, Seira speaks her true thoughts through her mask using ventriloquism. Only a few people can hear her when she does this, including Kyōya and Mao.




Mao Amatsuka : Mao is the elder sister to Seira. Seira is quite over protective for her elder sisters seen when her masks aura scares Kyōya Shinomiya.

Megumi Amatsuka : Megumi is the second eldest sister to Seira. Seira is quite over protective of Megumi too, just like she is for Mao, she has used aura to scare Kyōya aswell.


Kasumi Shinomiya : Kasumi and Seira are friends, how they met is unknown.

Geraldine Bernstein : Geraldine and Seira are friends, how they met is unknown.

Other GJ-BU peopleEdit

Kyōya Shinomiya : Seira dislikes Kyōya in a weird way, her mask will scare Kyōya nearly when ever she sees him with Mao or Megumi.

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  • Her mask has an aura that attacks Kyoya whenever he is near one of Seiras sisters


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