Mao Amatsuka
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天使 真央
Amatsuka Mao
Age 17-19
Gender Female
Light Novel Vol. 1
Anime Ep. 1
Voice Actor/Actress

Māya Uchida

"Hey, Kyoro, I'm bored."

– Various episodes.

About MaoEdit

Mao Amatsuka is the eldest of the Amatsuka family and the GJ Club's president. She has the habit of biting and picking on Kyōya when she is bored or angry. She can't stand kissing, and barely tolerate the idea of a forehead or cheek kiss.




She has wavy ginger hair that can change a little by her mood and also orange eyes. She's short in height and is very light. She's always wearing black, thigh high socks with her uniform. Additionally you can see one of her fangs when she opens her mouth.


She lacks in self control and gets mad too easily. She is always planning what to do to have fun with the other members, whether it be cosplay, going out and the like. Mao also has a sensitive and shy side. Mao is a Tsundere towards Kyoro and can be described as "a pint-sized tsundere/firecracker".




Megumi Amatsuka : Mao is the elder sister of Megumi, Mao is sometimes insecure about having a younger sister who is taller then her self.

Seira Amatsuka : Mao is the elder sister of Seira, Seira is quite overprotective of Mao.


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  • Her favorite genre of manga is shounen.
  • She loves asking for the kids menu in restaurants but is ashamed to do so.
  • She can't stand spiders and scary things.
  • Kyoro once draws her as a big orange dragon.
  • She makes a cameo in the first episode of Jinsei.
  • Her height is 138 cm.


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