Kirara Bernstein
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Age 16–18
Gender Female
Voice Actor/Actress

Chika Arakawa

About KiraraEdit

Kirara Bernstein is a senior member of the GJ-Club. She is always seen eating meat of some sort and she tends to be very possessive of it. The one person she will share it with is Kyōya Shinomiya. She can talk to cats and she has a huge fear of spiders due to being bitten by a poisonous one when she was younger.



Kirara is a tall girl with blue eyes and short blonde hair that is shaped into cat ears. Like all the GJ-Bu characters she is usually seen in her school uniform, which is a black and blue jacket with gold linings and buttons, with a white collar shirt underneath and a blue skirt. Her uniform shows her cleavage, though.


She is very friendly with people and even more so with cats. She is very enthusiastic about sports too. Her Japanese is a little primitive, due to the fact that she is Canadian. She is interested in and is always seen eating meat.


She was born in Canada.



Geraldine Bernstein: Kirara is Geraldine's elder sister. Kirara hasn't seen Geraldine for a while, due to her moving to Japan.

Friends Edit

Kyōya Shinomiya: Kirara and Kyōya have a good friendship. When Kirara has the chance, she will ask Kyōya if he wants any of her meat. The others comment that he is the only one that she has offered meat to. 

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  • "Meat?!"
  • "Is this Meat?"
  • "Wanna eat?!"


  • With a height of 180 cm she is the tallest member of the club.
  • She can speak fluent English with her sister.
  • Kyoro's drawing of Kirara was a tiger.
  • Her cellphone has a tiger keychain.
  • She loves baseball.
  • She can get drunk with liquor chocolates.
  • As a "cat" she excells climbing trees.
  • Her weakness is being smelled.
  • She apparently has the grip power more than a 100 kilograms.


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