Geraldine Bernstein
Chara jill
Age Around 13
Gender Female
Voice Actor/Actress

Wakana Aoi

Geraldine Bernstein (ジェラルディン・バーンシュタイン Jerarudin Bānshutain?) or also nicknamed Jill (ジル Jiru?) is the main character of the side story GJ-bu Chūtō-bu. She also made secondary appearances on the original GJ-bu light novel and anime.


Geraldine is a complete foreigner, coming from Canada to meet her sister―Kirara Bernstein. She understands and can write Japanese but she can't speak Japanese, so she uses a small whiteboard to communicate. She also is as strong as Kirara, as demonstrated when she effortlessly picked up the latter.


As a foreigner, Geraldine has bright blond hair and blue eyes with yellow linings. She usually seen in her uniform with a cream-colored cardigan and blue ribbon, while carrying a whiteboard and marker around her neck. She also use a knee high socks and three ribbons on her side-bangs: one on left and two on right.

In the anime, the ribbon were changed into pins and her uniform ribbon changed into yellow.



Not much known about her background, but she may live alone in Canada as Kirara left her for Japan. Relationships: Kasumi Shinomaya This two girls are good friends and they always together. How they meet is unknown




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