GJ-bu (Light Novel) Volume 2
Author Shin Araki
Illustrator Aruya
Publisher Shogakukan
Release Date
Japanese June 23, 2010
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GJ-bu (Light Novel) Volume 1 GJ-bu Light Novel Volume 3

The second volume of the GJ-bu (GJ部 Gujjobu?, lit. GJ Club) light novel series was released on June 23, 2010.

Chapters and SummaryEdit

Nothing to DoEdit

Mao is bored and tries to get Kyoro to say something interesting. He fails to do so and predictably gets bitten.

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Selling Point, Part 4Edit



Mao brings in a monochromatic television into the clubroom.

Spot the DifferenceEdit

The GJ Club members decide to switch clothes to mess with Kyoro.


Mao brings in a bamboo leaf suddenly because Tanabata is on that day. The GJ Club members hang their wishes on the leaf.

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